In the heady days following the defeat of King Xin, the city of Magnimar recognized Milacent’s noble lineage and offered her a seat on the city council, filling the newly-created office of “Keeper of the Sihedron”. She accepted the office, then promptly failed to show up for any council meetings as she went out in search of new adventures, accompanied by Theodora and Helanda. Some say they were last seen in the catacombs beneath the city of Korvosa, trying to find the hidden tomb of the Runelord Sorshen. Some say they currently reside in the city of Absalom, researching the Test of the Starstone and its fabled ability to grant godhood to those who pass it. Some just listen for tales of powerful creatures being slain, and when they hear them proclaim, “That must be the Keepers of the Sihedron.”

Scratchy formed an elite squadron of rangers to patrol the wilds around Magnimar, searching for threats. The nearby goblin tribes that occasionally menace the city regard him with unbridled hatred, and scare their children with stories about how, if they don’t do as they’re told, “The Scratcher” will come to steal them away in the night.

And Zelcor semi-retired by founding a hamlet, Zelcor’s Ferry, at a good place for crossing the Yondabakari River.  With all the dimension doors he can cast, he offers a special ‘ferry’ service for dogs three times a day; canines of all stripes actually.  Since there’s no miss chance like with teleport, dogs that come to the early morning, midday and late evening ferries are all ok. Dogs that come at other times take their chances …

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