Session Sixty-Six: GM Commentary

Well, it’s finally done. The last fight wasn’t as epic as it could have been, but not totally anticlimactic, either, so I guess I’m satisfied. This campaign represented a number of firsts for me: First time running an adventure path, first time GMing Pathfinder, first time recording everything in a blog, and first time using electronic aids (Roll20, to be precise) to assist in running the game. All told, I think it went well, although I do have a number of thoughts now than it’s done:

  1. Pathfinder definitely turns ridiculous at high levels. Next time I run a game I won’t nerf it, mainly because I still think it’s an interesting tactical challenge to create exciting combats despite Paizo’s best efforts, but I’ll definitely need to reexamine the way I do things. At the very least, the boss fights in these Paizo modules are going to have to be rewritten, and probably much of the rest of the modules as well.
  2. I do like the Adventure Path idea. It’s good to have a theme running through an entire campaign, especially for someone like me who enjoys both the narrative and wargaming sides of this hobby. You just need to let the players know what kind of campaign you’re going to run ahead of time so you can have “buy-in”. You don’t want to be two modules into the pirate AP before you find out that the players really, really hate being pirates.
  3. My two biggest regrets in this campaign came way way back when the PCs were exploring the Lady’s Light. The first was when Scratchy got cursed, and I let him have another saving throw to have the curse wear off, despite the rules being fairly clear that curses only end when they’re removed. The players get enough help from Paizo without me bending the rules to give them more. The other, much larger regret, was not having the false Sorshen there not come to get the PCs once she knew they were in her lair. There were strong story reasons for her to do so, and I let them off the hook because I thought it would’ve been too much. If I ever run this AP again, that Sorshen is going to show up with a whole bunch of Gray Maidens as soon as she’s aware that the PCs are present. Well, unless the PCs are having a really hard time of it …
  4. And now that I think about it, that Iron Golem shouldn’t have been able to be teleported out. But, um, the wild magic released by the destruction of King Xin’s Clockwork Reliquary caused unpredictable magical effects that can’t be replicated in other environments. Yeah, that’s it. It’s totally not that it was late and I wanted to wrap things up quickly.
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