Session Sixty: GM Commentary

I’ve seen the various youtube videos of people playing D&D, and I’ve considered recording sessions and putting them up myself. This session would’ve been a good one to do, mostly because of the need to kill everything fast before the spells ran out. There could be an animation showing the various fights set to a frantic drumbeat, or maybe a clock ticking down. It’d be awesome. It’d also be a lot of work, and considering how much trouble I have just keeping up with the blog, it’s not ever going to happen. I do think I’ll continue to try to expand the RPG experience, but they’re going to have to be in less time-intensive ways.

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One comment on “Session Sixty: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I am a fan of the “let’s search everything while our spells are up” method. It seems to motivate the party to take action, instead of the let’s spend an hour or two per room searching everything (and why aren’t we being attacked by the monsters behind the other doors while we’re systematically dismantling the dungeon?). I think it’s more elegant to wipe out everything, and then say we search everything on this level thoroughly. Better flow.

    It does prevent the taking advantage of the Gygaxian, find the tool you need to defeat a monster in the treasure of its own or an adjacent monster’s treasure.

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