Session Fifty-Seven: Unshattered

“Reunite the shards??!!” Milacent objected, “You mean give them up???!!!”

“What would we gain by doing that?” Scratchy added.

“You’d gain the Sihedron, the most powerful weapon of ancient Thassilon,” Andel answered.

“Oh, ok.”

The ritual to restore the Sihedron first required a receptacle. Fortunately, they had one in the form of the altar on which they’d found the Shard of Greed. Pathfinder operatives had brought it up from the bottom of the Crow and now it sat in Heidmarch Manor. The next thing they needed was seven powerful spellcasters; their energy would be used to power the ritual, but they’d lose their spells temporarily. As it was widely expected that Milacent and company would travel to the island to destroy the risen king Xin, Theodora and Zelcor were could obviously not be in this group. “Not to worry,” Sheila admonished, “I have connections.”

The next morning saw the party and much of the leadership of the city of Magnimar standing atop the Irespan, gathered around the altar for the reassembly. The seven shards were laid out neatly on a table, and everyone listened intently as Andel explained the details of the ritual. When he was finished, everyone stepped back and let the spellcasters begin the process. The first person to act was Aram Zey, Master of Spells for the Pathfinder Society. As the others chanted, he stepped forward, picked up the Shard of Pride, said the Thassilonian word for “Humility”, then placed the shard in the indentation atop the altar. There was a flash, and the shard began to glow with a coppery light.

The next person to act was Bevaluu Zimantiu, caretaker of Magnimar’s shrine to Desna. She picked up the Shard of Greed, said the Thassilonian word for “Generosity”, and placed it on the altar, were it emitted a grayish glow.

Third was Jyronn Imikar, leader of the local church of Abadar, who took the Shard of Lust, said “Love” in Thassilonian, and placed it on the altar. It added its reddish glow to the the light already there.

“Lust isn’t the opposite of love,” Milacent whispered to Theodora.

“It’s magic,” Theodora whispered back, “it doesn’t always make sense.”

Fourth was Kreighton Shaine, Master of Scrolls for the Pathfinder Society. He took the Shard of Gluttony, said “Temperance” in Thassilonian, and added it to the others, where it glowed with a pale white light.

Fifth was Leis Nivlandis, Master of the Stone of Seers in Magnimar. He took the Shard of Envy, said “Charity” in Thassilonian, and placed it on the altar. Its light was green.

Sixth was Toth Bhreacher, founder of Magnimar’s Golemworks. He took the Shard of Wrath, said “Kindness” in Thassilonian, and placed it on the altar, where it glowed with a deep red light.

Finally everyone turned to face the last spellcaster: Alphonse Baghrata, resplendent in his white robes. Sheila placed a withering gaze on him and asked, “It’s your turn, are you going to help us as you said?”

“Of course,” he intoned. Then he looked up, but not at Sheila. Instead he fixed his eyes on Haldmeer Grobaras, Lord-Mayor of Magnimar, and continued, “For do I not always act in the best interests of the city?” The Lord-Mayor nodded awkwardly, then Alphonse stepped forward and took up the Shard of Sloth. He held it aloft, said the Thassilonian word for “Zeal”, then theatrically placed it on the altar with the others.

There was a bright flash, and a cold gust of wind blowing off the ocean. The spellcasters all stumbled back and fell to the ground, and when they looked up again, they saw the seven shards, no longer separate but fused into a seven-pointed star, floating above the altar and glowing with a strong yellow light.

“Incredible,” Andel gasped, “after more than 10,000 years the Sihedron is whole once again! Who will be the first to … HEY!”

While he was talking Scratchy had rushed up to the altar and grabbed the artifact. Now he placed it over his head, and when he let go it floated in the air just above him.

“I see!” the goblin squealed as the Sihedron telepathically informed him of its powers. “Hey Sis! Check this out!” And the crown disappeared from atop his head and appeared directly over Milacent.

“We can transfer it to each other??!!!” Milacent exclaimed, and then she too learned of its powers telepathically. For even though the Sihedron had served as the crown of the King of Thassilon, it hadn’t originally been designed to be used by a single person. The King had designed it to be shared with the Runelords, at a time when they were still his trusted lieutenants. Allies could transfer it amongst themselves and each recipient would choose which of its powers, represented by the seven virtues, he or she would take advantage of.

“Unlimited Ice Storms, Greater Invisibility, Fast Healing, and that’s just the beginning” Theodora exclaimed when the crown was transferred to her, “This thing was definitely worth it.”

“Good,” replied Sheila, “Now go to the new island, save the city, and destroy King Xin once and for all.”

The party looked around, saw the spellcasters lying drained around them, flirted briefly with the idea of using the Sihedron to conquer the city for themselves, and then got to work preparing for their expedition. They had scavenged the city for magical supplies after the previous days’ battle, so now all that was left was to prepare spells and arrange transport. The latter came in the form of a local ship captain who agreed to take them to the island, but no closer than 500 feet. “That’s ok,” said Theodora, “That’ll be close enough for us to Dimension Door onto it.”

And so they went. When they were close enough to the island Theodora inscribed some runes onto the deck of the ship. “So we can teleport back here if things get bad,” she explained.

Zelcor agreed with Theodora’s precautions, then had them all join hands for the Dimension Door to the island. An instant later they were there.

The island itself was covered in seaweed and marine life and other clear effects of being just raised from the bottom of the sea. It was also bristling with ruins of Thassilonian architectural design, and in the center of it a great black citadel overlooked the rest. When the party appeared on it, they got an overwhelming sense of motion around them, and when they looked at the ruins closely they saw why: the building were repairing themselves. Holes were slowly closing, walls were growing back, coral was flaking off of structures as the original construction was reformed. Clearly, Xin was rebuilding his ancient city.

The party’s examination was interrupted by the sound of creatures scuttling about around them. The creatures were chardas, four-armed aquatic creatures that shot streams of freezing black bile. There were enough of them to be a nuisance, but ultimately no match for the party. When they were dispatched, everyone turned to face the citadel looming above them.

“Alright,” said Helanda, “Now that we’ve dealt with the welcoming party, let’s find this king.”

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