Session Fifty-Six: GM Commentary

The attack on Magnimar is the part of the adventure that I’ve changed most from the written adventure. Most notably, it was supposed to take place after the reassembling of the Sihedron (more on that in next session’s commentary), and Natalya, Augustille, and the horde of regular-sized shriezyx don’t appear. I added them because I wanted a moment similar to the Cleansing of the Shire at the end of Lord of the Rings (It’s in the books, but not in the movies), where the heroes come home and experience viscerally just how much more powerful they’ve gotten. It’s also good to have a few callbacks at the end of the saga, just to tie things together.

Also, the conversation with Andel didn’t actually happen at our table. The end of this session and the beginning of the next were somewhat chaotic, with the exposition being lost in the noise. I hope the players were able to infer what he said, but in case they didn’t I’ve decided to lay it out more explicitly here in the blog. Now it’s time to reassemble the crown, get to the island, and finish things once and for all!

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