Session Fifty-Five: GM Commentary

Finally, a decent boss fight: it lasts more than two rounds and the bad guy actually gets some meaningful hits in before going down. I did have to ditch the suboptimal tactics the adventure wanted the dragon to use, but adjusting tactics is a much better way to make fights harder than throwing in extra enemies, or doubling or tripling enemy hit points. And now we move on to adventure #6, and what is hopefully an epic and thrilling conclusion.

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2 comments on “Session Fifty-Five: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I think the Dragon should have started out with Mirage up, we’d blow resources on shooting the image before we figured it out, and the dragon could have maneuvered to take out more targets with it’s area effect weapons.

    Why announce its presence before attacking? Wasted a surprise round. Unless the module states that it’s overconfident, there is no reason to believe that the party would be a push over after we just followed it across dimensions through every obstacle in the way.

    That ghost of the ancient Thassolonian King was pretty scary. If he had monster summoning spells to overwhelm us, or walls to separate us, I think we lose that fight.

  2. Francis says:

    Oh the module very definitely stated that the dragon was overconfident. If I had followed the “official” tactics it would have waited for you to show up, the party all healed up and prepared, then it would’ve fought with only single actions each round until it had taken lots of damage, and only then bothered to cast buffing spells and use full attacks. Yeah, even after ditching those tactics it still could’ve fought better, but I’m satisfied with the way the fight went. And thanks for the ideas for next time!

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