Session Fifty-Three: GM Commentary

Had a little bit of meta-gaming here, where the players knew that a demilich reforms after a certain amount of time, but I would’ve been well within my rights to insist that the characters didn’t. I decided not to because it’s kind of a heavy-handed thing to do, and the knowledge can be rationalized by saying that Theodora knew the lore of demiliches, and maybe shared it with Scratchy and the party. There’s also the issue of having something that’s not the final bad guy of the adventure coming back again and again to cause trouble for the PCs. It drags out the adventure without adding a lot. We’re racing toward the end of the whole adventure path now, and I’m looking to keep the momentum going as much as possible.

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One comment on “Session Fifty-Three: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I don’t know how much of an issue the demilich would have been if we never went back to that area, which I’m assuming we won’t. But it was a nice sense of closure.

    One thing that the narrative doesn’t cover is the effects of the environment on the characters. The thin air is causing CON damage and the cold is causing HP damage (I think). This is going to drive the team to try to get in and out quickly or stall while we figure out a workaround. My guess is that the environment is supposed to drive the party into action.

    One of the puzzles we’re trying to figure out is why the dragon left the other shard behind. This combined with the growing belief that there is someone or something manipulating the gathering of the shards makes the endgame a mixture of anticipation and dread.

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