Session Fifty-Two: GM Commentary

I have to confess to two changes to the actual events of the session here. The first is that Theodora didn’t actually use a detect evil spell to figure out the alignment of the nalfeshnee: Zelcor summoned two hound archons, which have a constant detect evil ability. I totally forgot about the dimensional lock preventing dimensional travel in and out of the warded area, so let him do it. I’ve retconned it for this summary, and it’s possible that Theodora didn’t actually have the Detect Evil spell memorized, but it’s a relatively minor thing that won’t sink the campaign.

The other thing was that I invented the other party members not believing that Scratchy killed the demilich. Partly because I thought it was funny, but mostly because it’s so ridiculous that a creature we feared so much in the olden days goes down so quickly and easily. Yes, Scratchy was using prime undead-fighting arrow, and yes he got lucky with the criticals, but the way this game turns into rocket tag at high levels is really trivializing encounters, as you’ll read on the Paizo forums time and time again. I won’t mess with the rules in this campaign, but next time we’ll have to address it somehow. Maybe by slowing down level advancement, or maybe even switching to a different ruleset altogether. I’ll have to think about it.

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One comment on “Session Fifty-Two: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I don’t know. It seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes we get knocked around by encounters that should be cake-walks. Sometimes, we breeze through an encounter that had us freaking out. I have a feeling that when we catch up with the dragon that led a clan of Fire and Hill Giants, we’ll need every advantage that we can get.

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