Session Fifty: GM Commentary

The thing with Dispel Magic suppressing magical traps kind of worries me. First of all, it makes rogues even more unnecessary than they already are, which isn’t terrible but does seem to be a lot of kicking people when they’re down. The second issue is that it makes magical traps much less of an obstacle, and they weren’t a huge obstacle to begin with. There are some limitations on the dispelling approach, namely that you have to roll against the level of the trap’s creator to suppress his magic, and also that the duration is both short and random: 1d4 rounds. For now, I’ll proceed under the assumption that those restrictions are enough, and not make a houserule against this approach working. Or more precisely, the houserule will be that this approach does work, since the rulebooks are not particularly forthcoming on the subject.

And sorry rogues, but Fuck You some more.

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One comment on “Session Fifty: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I am a fan of some work around on traps. Otherwise, somebody has to play a Rogue, even if no-one wants to. In this instance, we really didn’t circumvent the trap, just delayed it a round. So, did we really get an advantage over not having a high-level Rogue? Not really.

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