Session Forty-Eight: GM Commentary

I took a few liberties with Theodora’s dialogue in this entry, mostly because I wanted to show the effects of the Shard of Wrath without taking control of the character away from the player. As it is, there is a mechanical effect from carrying the shard:

Curse: The owner becomes addicted to violence, and
is sickened whenever she hasn’t brought a living creature to
-1 hit points or fewer within the last hour. Once the owner
attacks a creature, she must make a DC 20 Will save if she
wants to cease attacking; otherwise, she does what she can to
kill the creature.

So yes, Theodora shouldn’t been sickened for most of that last session, but there were only two fights and at this level the -2 penalties from being sickened aren’t really significant. And she did kill everything she started to attack, so that wasn’t a big deal. That said, we have established that the shards have a major effect on their owner’s psyche, so I had that come out in the dialogue. The curse should be suppressed by the ioun stone in the next session, but it was kind of neat to have one of the PCs be affected by a shard’s curse for once.

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One comment on “Session Forty-Eight: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    The party did get to see the effects of the shards on 2 early NPCs, and it had a big impact on us. I was actually scared of what the impact on Theodora would be from grabbing the wrath shard unprotected. I was hoping that her high Willpower save would deflect some of the effects, but I infamously roll low and it was possible that there would be no save involved. It was actually a relief when the GM reminded me that the effects only last 24 hours after getting the ioun stone in there…

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