Session Forty-Five, Part Two: Windsong Coda

When Casamir finally made it to the Doomsday Door, he immediately recognized it for what it was and insisted it be sealed. The party wholeheartedly agreed, and after some time spent trying to remember the appropriate Groetan ritual, they inserted two keys into the locks, turned them seven times clockwise simultaneously, and the task was done. Theodora’s conversation with Casamir, however, was not.

“Why would you build an abbey on top of something like this?” she demanded.

“Well … just … they … so … I wasn’t here when they built it! But you’re right. Maybe we should build a new abbey. I hear there’s this spot that used to be an ancient burial ground …”

“No.” Theodora commanded.

In the end, Casamir decided to rebuild the abbey, with himself as the new head abbot, at which Zelcor nodded knowingly. Of the other two surviving priests, Gein Kafog agreed to stay on once he’d recovered, but Nildus Thilano demurred. His faith had been wavering before the attack, and the carnage had tipped him over the edge. He gave his scrolls to the party and walked away, never to serve any god again.

Of the summoned creatures, the Planar Binding holding the vrock in place soon ran out, and it returned to the terrible abyss from whence it came. Theodora knew that the Charm Monster spell on her pet hill giant would soon run out as well, and debated the best course of action. Killing it would be safest, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to harm something that had fought so enthusiastically by her side, even if it had only done so under magical “encouragement”. In the end she told it to go north of the abbey to find its kin, knowing it would be far gone by the time the spell expired.

“Don’t destroy more than one or two villages!” Scratchy admonished as it walked away. Uncharacteristically for a giant, it gave a friendly wave goodbye.

There was, of course, looting of what remained underground. Near where the mummies had been the party found a room that had apparently been used for preparing the dead for mummification. Curiously, some of the tools had been modified in a way that suggested they were intended to be used on oneself. Since the process of mummification involved removing the brain, the details of that procedure were unclear, at best.

They also found a room protected by a Doomsday Lock that contained five urns, each containing a magical item, but also a foul crust caking its interior. At first the party was gladdened by the discovery, but further investigation revealed that all the items were cursed, harming instead of helping their users. The crust, it turned out, was residue left over from the evaporation of water from the River Styx, and it had forever tainted the magic of the items in the urns.

Then there was the matter of Ardathanatus’ equipment. His armor was excellent, as was his magical halberd and various other items he had worn to boost his strength and wisdom, but it was not what the party had come for. That they found by rummaging through his belt pouch, from which Scratchy pulled a triangular piece of shimmering green metal: The Shard of Envy. They placed the requisite ioun stone in its slot, and then collectively decided Helanda should carry it. She wiped a tear from her eye upon realizing this meant she was a “real” member of the party, not just a hired mercenary, and then she held her new shard aloft and concentrated on the next one. She had a vision of rushing over great distances, finally stopping somewhere above a blasted plain. Just in front of her she saw a pinnacle of green stone, but she did not recognize it. She turned to Theodora, and then to the others in turn, but nobody knew.

“But you know who has lots of maps and an extensive library?” said Koriah, “Sheila Heidmarch, back at the Pathfinder Society lodge in Magnimar.”

And travel plans were made.

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