Session Forty-Five: GM Commentary

Five shards down, two to go. I thought this was a fairly successful adventure. No one died in the final battle, but the party had to use good tactics to win and if a few die rolls had gone the other way the whole thing could have ended very differently. Most notably, Milacent made EVERY SINGLE SAVE against the spells being cast against her. When your spellcasters can’t stop the giant warrior knocking down everyone within 20 feet, you’re not going to have a good time of it. They were all save-or-die/save-or-suck rolls, too, so kudos to her for making all of them. There’ll be no dice shaming today!

My only real quibble with this adventure is that I thought the catacombs part was too long. I have to confess that I was getting kind of bored in the middle as the party faced yet another group of monsters that had no real chance of hurting them. Yes, I know that the module has to provide a certain amount of XP to get the characters ready for bigger challenges ahead, but I would’ve preferred to have fewer fights with more powerful opponents, a sentiment I’ve expressed before. There’s also the argument that leveling should be based on achieving goals, rather than XP for defeating creatures, but that’s a very different game system, and I’m not sure either I or my players really want to go in that direction.

Finally, I once again had the chief bad guy wait for the party in his lair rather than going out to meet them. This time, though, there was a solid story reason for it: he had to stay at the Doomsday Door to perform the ritual! It’s increasingly looking like the Lady’s Light back in module 2 was my best chance to have the bad guy go on the offensive against the PCs, and I just let it go. Sigh …


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One comment on “Session Forty-Five: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I can’t believe that I’m helping you kill us, but you could compromise. Remove some of the encounters that you find extraneous, buff up the other encounters a little, especially the UBG fights, and add a goal-based exp bonus for appropriate accomplishments. This would increase the chance that we would level after big fights or important story moments, instead of the middle of a dungeon crawl, reduce the amount of time that we’re crawling/grinding, and make the UBG fights a bit more harrowing.

    If you take this license and we lose somebody in the next session, go back to the old method!

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