Session Forty-Two: GM Commentary

These sessions were played while I was in the process of starting a new job and moving, so there’s a stretch of several short ones, like this one. If I’d had more time (or this had been a different type of campaign) I might have stretched out the night hag encounter. That’s the kind of monster that can provide a long, scary experience for the players, but not in a dungeon-crawly campaign. Back in 2nd edition days I used to enjoy the Ravenloft campaign, with its emphasis on lone, powerful villains. None of this ‘level-appropriate’ nonsense, we had enemies that could easily murder the whole party! And we liked it!


As mentioned before, this campaign’s probably going to last til late 2017, but once it’s done I wouldn’t mind doing a little horror gaming. Don’t know if I’d be in it as a referee or a player, but I do enjoy variety in my RPG experience.

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One comment on “Session Forty-Two: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    Maybe we can find some pre-written horror scenarios. I don’t think that what I find scary would work on the rest of the players (wide-open spaces and spiders).

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