Session Thirty-Nine: GM Commentary

Once again we learn that qlippoths are nasty. A big part of it, though, is the fact that the players are meeting them for the first time and aren’t aware of their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll see how that changes as they become more familiar with them.

The other thing of note from this session is the way Scratchy used the Shard of Greed even though it was in Milacent’s possession. I let it happen the way it did because we were in the middle of a fairly exciting fight and I didn’t want to stop and have a rules discussion, but the more I think about it the more it occurs to me that it was way too easy to grab something out of another player’s inventory. Scratchy grabbed onto the shard as a move-equivalent action, similar to drawing a weapon, but I can very easily see a scenario where people pass a wand or a multiple-dose potion among themselves this way and end up using it 5 times in a single combat round, which is not a desirable outcome. We’ll have the rules discussion at the start of next session, but I’m probably going to say that grabbing something out of someone else’s inventory amounts to a much easier version of a pick pockets roll. It’s much easier than a standard pick pocket attempt, but it’s also a standard action, just like a pick pocket attempt. Yes, this means that Scratchy couldn’t have grabbed the shard and used it in the same combat round, but we’ll say that was just one of those extraordinary things that sometimes happen in heroic fiction.

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One comment on “Session Thirty-Nine: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I’d have to agree, especially since it’s an item that she wouldn’t want anyone taking in the middle of combat. I can see prepping an item for another party member, like I get my potion out and hold it where X can grab it; that’s a move equivalent (or part of a move). But, taking something from someone else in the middle of combat would require at least a standard action.Daggers, wands, and similar that one keeps ready to be drawn in the middle of combat are one thing, but taking something out of someone’s Handy Haversack or coin purse is unlikely to be done in a single combat round. I wouldn’t keep my shard where some pick pocket could just bump into me and take it!

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