Session Thirty-Eight: GM Commentary

This session was different from the last in that I didn’t have to adjust anything: the qlippoth is quite dangerous on its own. It helps that they’re a Paizo creation, so the players get to be surprised by its abilities just like their characters. I’m sure that in time we’ll all be going “<Yawn> Another qlippoth? We do the standard thing.” But for now it’s fresh and new, which is another thing that makes tabletop RPGs a great hobby: even after decades of play, you still have moments of “WTF is that!!!!?”

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One comment on “Session Thirty-Eight: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    I’ve actually been playing so long, through so many editions, I forget what every creature does. Also, some I haven’t seen in decades. It makes role-playing easier. “I think this is a [whatever], but I don’t remember what they do or what their weaknesses are.”

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