Session Thirty-Six: GM Commentary

It’s very weird to me that Charm Person lasts 1 hour/level while Charm Monster lasts 1 day/level. Is the ability to charm most types of creatures not enough? It has to last a long time as well? Maybe the duration is there in case you want to use it as a super-powered charm person spell. That would make some sense, but it does mean that Theodora could soon have a large menagerie of creatures following her around, and she’s not even specialized as an enchantress. It could also be because high-level spell casters are just supposed to be really really powerful, and be able to emulate the uber-powerful wizards you find in books and movies. At least in this edition the martial types feats and other class abilities of their own to play with. It’s really boring when the other PCs just end up being meatshields for the high-level casters.

Now that’s the giant’s and the ettin’s fate.

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