Session Thirty-Five: GM Commentary

After the battle royale of the last two sessions, I didn’t want the above-ground portion of this adventure to stretch into a long, anticlimactic slog, so I dropped hints that Koriah’s father was in the lighthouse, and that the combination was in the library. Maybe the players had figured out already that Casamir was in the lighthouse, but there weren’t any clues about the combination, and making them search for it would just have added a lot of time and boredom to the adventure, with the end result being the same. I know some people would say that you shouldn’t give players anything, but I think it’s more like you shouldn’t give them the wrong things. Speeding up things that are going to happen anyway is fine; giving them things that will make their adventures significantly easier is a mistake. Of course, Paizo itself likes to give players nice shiny toys to play with, but at least then I get to the blame the company. And of course, I can always take things out of the treasure haul if I think it’ll be too much. Not that I ever would do such a thing …

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