Session Thirty-Four: GM Commentary

This was a huge complex fight over multiple areas, and while it was fun it does bring into focus the whole complexity issue that Pathfinder has. Thankfully, we had the Roll20 system and the online Pathfinder resources to help us out. I’d be terrified of running a fight like this using the old ways, with miniatures on hastily-scribbled maps and constantly flipping through multiple rulebooks to find stats and ability descriptions. I read some time ago that the Savage Worlds rules handle large battles well, and maybe I’ll try and run a campaign with those one of these days. You know, with all the free time I have.

I realize that there are people who’ll say that complexity isn’t a bug, but a feature. And yes, I do enjoy all the fiddling with abilities that D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder give you, or else I wouldn’t be playing this game. But you can like a game and still feel that there are other kinds of games and other kinds of stories you can tell with RPGs. In my perfect world, I would play different games every single day and have all kinds of different gaming experiences. Oh yeah, and there’d be world peace and stuff.

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