Session Twenty-Five: GM Commentary

And the party finds itself in the catacombs once again, this time passing under the Therassic Spire to enter the thematically-named Therassic workshop. After the experience in the Lady’s Light, I was uncertain how to handle the encounters in the workshop. The Lady’s Light seemed to have a lot of fairly weak enemies, who would only be able to challenge the players if they worked together and tried to hit the PCs when they were unprepared. As previously mentioned, that did not happen in our playthrough of that adventure. I was afraid I’d have to make it happen this time, but it seems that this module was designed according to a different philosophy, with each individual encounter providing a challenge in and of itself. That’s a much easier situation for a GM to manage, and so I get to relax a little bit and enjoy the show. There’s also an in-game explanation for this: the guardians are all bound to their rooms, but if I’d needed a running battle throughout the workshop I’m sure I could’ve come up with something.

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