Session Twenty-Three: GM Commentary

… and the party enjoys the sights of one of the stranger cities in the Golarion setting.

The way this adventure was written, that kid they meet at the start is supposed to lead the party right to the trolls, and then they begin the mission to recover Augustille. The kid is actually a minor character in one of the Paizo short fiction pieces, and I guess they thought it would be cool to have him interact with the PCs a bit. Trouble is, my players have never read any of the Paizo short fiction, so the name means nothing to them. They’re also suspicious of strangers, and the module writers have set the kid’s asking price pretty high. In the end I just let them ditch the kid and explore the city on their own. You’d have to figure in extra time to have them find everything by asking random strangers, but it actually worked out better this way because they walked around the city more and got to experience it as the unique locale that it is. Still, there were points during this session when I wondered how I was going to get them back on the story. If they poked around the city long enough, eventually they were going to find the path to the shard. I just wasn’t sure how many sessions it would take, that’s all.

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