Session Twenty-Two: GM Commentary

Another session with only one fight, but this was a big one. On the Paizo forums, the fight with the 3 seugathi is the most complained-about one in the entire Shattered Star AP, and it’s easy to see why. One seugathi had been a huge problem for the party before, and now there are three? OMG NOT FAIR YOU SUCK WHY DO YOU THIS TO US?????!!!!!!!!!!

If you look at it less emotionally, however, it’s not so unreasonable. The party knows the creatures’ abilities, they’re higher level, they’ve obtained more magical items from looting the Lady’s Light, and if they’re smart they’ve realized what a problem confusion and mind control are, and have obtained ways to counter them. Fortunately, all of that was true here, and the party came out ahead. Yes, it was challenging, and they had to use actual tactics instead of brute force, but the catacombs are supposed to be dangerous; this encounter drives that point home.

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