Session Twenty-One: GM Commentary

This session was kind of quiet, as you can see. Most of it was spent divvying up loot, deciding which magic items to buy, and introducing Kaer Maga. I was fortunate that the adventure presented a fast, easy (and most importantly free!) way to travel to the city, otherwise we would have spent several more hours deciding on a route, haggling over the price, and then doing the actual travel. It could have taken several sessions, but we did it in one.

As for the focus on Milacent, she’s a pretty good point of view character. She’s a human, she doesn’t use a lot of magic, and her own abilities consist mostly of hitting things, which everyone understands. This means that when she encounters the various types of weirdness that occur in a fantasy world, she gets an explanation. Plus Milacent’s player portrays her as enjoying cleanliness, which I’m sure most people can relate to (I hope!)

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