Session Twenty: GM Commentary

And module two is done. I was satisfied with the way it went overall, but I’m a little concerned that the final fight was too easy. Then again, as a player I myself have often used the trick of grappling a spellcaster to shut her down, so I can’t really complain when my players do it. Still, I’ll remember this fight, and also remind myself that spellcasters have existed in this world for thousands of years. In that time, surely someone has figured out a counter to the grappling trick …

I also added the spirits appearing at the end, along with the light going out. I wanted a more exciting finale than just, “Kill the boss, take her treasure.” When the final fight proved anticlimactic, that imperative became even stronger. I know that people who are into rules-light gaming would tell me to just play a game that leans more toward the narrative side of role-playing, so that the final fight would be guaranteed to be exciting, but I like it more this way, where the narrative has to grow out of the tactical wargaming aspect of the game. That way, when there is an exciting finale, it’s more meaningful. It’s kind of like the difference between watching sports and watching sports movies. In a real game, when the underdog comes from behind to score a last-minute victory, it’s an amazing moment you remember for years. When it happens in a sports movie, it’s a forgettable cliché.

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