Session Eighteen: GM Commentary

And there we have the closest fight so far. A lot of it, I know, turns on the interpretation of the suggestion spell. There are two points:

First, the spell description states “The suggestion must be worded in such a manner as to make the activity sound reasonable. Asking the creature to do some obviously harmful act automatically negates the effect of the spell.” Was demanding that Milacent kill Theodora a reasonable activity? It’s not harmful to herself, and it certainly fits in thematically with what you’d expect an incubus to be able to do, but I could see how you someone might want to argue the point. I wanted a specific “kill” command because when they met earlier, the incubus had only asked that Milacent protect it, meaning that she would only finish people off if they kept on attacking, and obviously that’s not great for the incubus. If I could do this again I’d have the incubus say “The impostor has betrayed you! Kill her!” Same effect, but less room for argument.

The second point is when the suggestion effect ends. The argument could be made that the effect lasts until the task is accomplished, regardless of whether or not the victim believes that’s the case. If I had been a real bastard I could have insisted that Milacent continue to stab Theodora until she’s actually dead, rather than when Milacent just thinks she is. I know GMs that would do that, but in this case we decided that Milacent would be free if she thought she’d accomplished the task, even if she hadn’t really. Well, either way it was a good fight. I’ll just have to think of better ways to harm the PCs later.

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