Session Sixteen: GM Commentary

This session was fairly straightforward, albeit light on the combat. We did find out whose body Theodore was using (though everyone suspected), and a warning about who else may be walking around in this complex.

One thing I left out of the storyline post was the fact that the party found a plaque on the back of the throne where the giant (actually giantess) was sitting. I left it out because nothing really came of it, but it could have because the inscription on it contained quite a bit of information. Here it is for the sake of completeness:

“A gift for my Mistress Sorshen from her humble servant Ayandamahla, dedicated this celebrated day, the 25th anniversary of her ascension to rulership in


Runelord Sorshen, Ayandamahla and her daughters Ashamintallu and Erixadallax, Lord & Lady of the Burning Bright, the Sisters of Charming &. Delectation, and the Baron of Calamities, along with all slaves, servants, and supplicants in this, the Lady’s Light. May she reign unchallenged forever.”

Yeah, I know it’s just a bunch of names, which is probably why the party just ended up selling the plaque when they got back to Magnimar, but it is flavor, and the names could have become very useful if things had worked out differently. Which they didn’t. Oh well.

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