Session Fifteen: GM Commentary

And so our intrepid explorers come across that trap, and hilarity ensues. When they first bypassed the sarcophagus, I was disappointed. When they doubled back to investigate, I was hopeful, but I didn’t expect anyone to be affected. After all, in order to be “killed” by the trap, you have to fail both a Will and a Fort save, and what are the chances of that happening?

Fortunately, Theodore’s player has a reputation for rolling badly, and he did not disappoint. The fact that he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get his old body back makes it all even better. I’ve said it before, but this is one of the things that makes tabletop RPGs so great: no one really knows what’s going to happen. So welcome to the party, Theodora!

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One comment on “Session Fifteen: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    This was one of my favorite sessions. I do seem to be a victim of bad dice, but this was a result I can live with. I’m actually a little concerned about what happens if I actually run into Sorshen or a really powerful dispel magic or something — I really like the new body!

    Oh, and those worm things suck!

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