Session Thirteen: GM Commentary

There’s a bit of oddness with this session which you’ll only notice if you’re familiar with the Pathfinder Adventure paths. APs are typically written to be independent of each other, allowing groups to run them in any order. This one, however, is different: it was written under the assumption that the events of both Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne had already occurred. Mostly, it’s just a matter of people mentioning something, so it’s easy to change, but in this session the players heard the first mention of the Gray Maidens, who aren’t formed as an organization until the second module of CotCTBut our group hasn’t played that AP, and I do want to leave things open in case we decide to eventually. So I changed the maidens’ backstory and motivation to make this module happen somewhere between the second and third CotCT modules. I suppose I could’ve just changed the maidens into some other group of warriors, but they fit really well into this module thematically and I didn’t want to lose them. I don’t want to be all spoilery and say what changes I made, but if we do end up playing through CotCT it’ll start out as something of a prequel.

Of course, we started this AP way back in February and now, in early December, we’re still not done with the second adventure. That puts us on track to finish sometime in 2016/2017, by which time there will be at least four more new APs published, not to mention products for other RPGs, and it’s possible I won’t even be living in the same area by then, so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about what I’m going to do when it’s time to play the prequel AP.

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One comment on “Session Thirteen: GM Commentary
  1. Morningstar says:

    What’s this? Wanderlust kicking in again? Well the nice thing about playing this on the Roll20 is that we can continue on even if somebody moves…

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