Session Eight: GM Commentary

And the party draws nearer to their goal.

As mentioned previously, Kieran the Magnificent isn’t in the written module: he’s a character I created to get the party back on track when they had lost possession of the Shard of Pride. In the module it’s Fenster the Blight who’s supposed to be here, but they also said you can put in other NPC’s at your discretion, so I did. (And it’s not like I need their permission to make changes to the adventure anyway.) I really don’t know how the party will deal with Kieran: they may just leave him there, for all I know. I do think he provides for more role-playing opportunities than Fenster, or Natalya, or Terisha, but we’ll see what happens in Session Nine. I am glad that the party was once again scared for their lives, if only for a little while. The adventure can’t all be a cakewalk!

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