Session Five: GM Commentary

Just two quick notes. First, I realized this session that I screwed up on the last one. All creatures of the vermin type are immune to mind-affecting spells, so that means the sleep spell that Zelcor used to incapacitate two ants should have failed. Given how close Zelcor was to death in that fight, my mistake may well have saved his life. I apologize to my players for that.

Second, after this session I was informed that most spiders actually have fairly poor eyesight; they detect prey largely by the tremors generated in their webs. This means that I could have ruled that the spiders wouldn’t react to the illusionary person Zelcor was sending through the webs in this session, as it didn’t disturb the webs at all. Not a mistake per se, but another incident that leaves me open to charges of going to easy on my players.

Don’t worry guys, I’ll make it up to you by screwing you over in future encounters!

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