Session Four: GM Commentary

So here we have the first session which I managed to describe in only one post. Part of this is because the various combats and the negotiation with the Tower Girls lent themselves to summary rather than blow-by-blow descriptions. I just tried to keep to the most dramatic parts and speed through the others. It was also because this session didn’t really have a single theme. Once the party got through the silvery doors they did mostly standard dungeon-crawly stuff: go here, kill this, take its treasure. This can be fun to play through but not necessarily that dramatic to describe. Thus I decided not to put those events in their own post but attach them onto the end of the Tower Girls one, so that they’d be an extension of that narrative rather than have to stand on their own. Did I make the right decision? Who knows. Luckily this blog isn’t popular enough for people to tell me how badly I suck in the comments.

This session (and the blog-writing) were also heavily influenced by real-world events. We started late, so the session was shortened; Zelcor’s player was sick and couldn’t make it, so our resident gnomish sorceror wasn’t particularly active in the session; and work has gotten crazy busy for me, which coupled with my natural love of procrastination means more and more of the blog gets written in a rush right before the next session. If you want, that can be your meta-narrative: Will he manage to keep it up? Lemme roll a D20 and see …


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