Session Two: GM Commentary

Well, second session is in the bag, and this one ends in the first fight where I thought the party was in real danger of losing. They pulled out of it ok, though, which is what I love about tabletop RPG’s: even the GM doesn’t really know what’s going to happen.

Speaking of which, we had our first major departure from the “official” sequence of events in this session: the party wasn’t actually supposed to be ambushed by the Wreckwash Blades. I added that in so they’d be able to meet them and get information that they were supposed to get elsewhere but didn’t. It’s an old D&D trick for when players fail to pick up on a clue or otherwise go off in a direction other than the one you expect: just have the clue appear somewhere else. Your obligation is to keep the game exciting and moving forward, not slavish devotion to prewritten scenarios. There was also a minor departure in that Fenster is supposed to charge the PC’s 100 gp to lead them to Natalya’s hideout, but I thought it would be more memorable if the last step to Natalya was a guy giving away information he didn’t know the value of. So the party gets to keep 100 gp they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Sue me. And of course, now the party has to deal with the shard being carried away as well as a very uncomfortable situation with the City Watch. This should be interesting.

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