Session Two, Part Three: Who’s Missing?

After the meeting with the Wreckwash Blades, the best course of action seemed to be tracking down this Fenster person over by the Irespan, so that’s where the party went.

Even in a place known as the City of Monuments, the Irespan was a wondrous thing. By all appearances, it was one end of a stone bridge built by the ancient Thassilonians, but they must have been building for giants, for it was 300 feet wide and 50 feet thick where it jutted out over the water, reaching out to some unknown location across the ocean.  It contrast with the Irespan’s grandeur, the area beneath it was universally recognized as the filthiest, most dangerous part of Magnimar in which to live. No one had expected to find Natalya in the lap of luxury, but the non-goblin portion of the party had been hoping for something slightly less filthy. Still, Fenster was their only lead, and a little asking around brought them to a partially collapsed warehouse with a sign that said, “LEEV A GIFT AND WATE OUTSID.” Theodore rolled his eyes, and then set about fixing the spelling. When he was done, he dropped a silver piece very loudly into the dented tin platter sitting on the ground, and waited.

He didn’t have to wait very long. After a minute or so the hovel’s resident came shuffling out the doorway to see what had fallen in his tin. He was preceded by the smell of rotten meat, and the sight of him was not much better. His skin hung loosely over over his bones, clammy with patches of grey scattered around it. One of his eyes was glazed over with a milky white film, and the ragged clothing he wore was caked in mud and slime and other things no one was in a particular hurry to ask about. The wretched creature looked at the silver piece then held up his hand. “Five gold,” he rasped, extending his bony fingers, “at least five gold.” Theodore began to sigh, then realized it would mean inhaling more of the foul air surrounding his new business associate. He instead kept his mouth shut and dropped the requested five gold pieces into the platter. The owner of the tin picked up the coins, dropped them in his pocket, and then returned his gaze to the visitors.

“So, what yew want old Fensty t’do?” he began, “Yew need a subject for your experiments? Yew need some dead bodies disposed of? Maybe yew need somebody to crawl through some garbage to find stuff for yew? Fensty’s good at that!”

“Uh, no.” answered Theodore. “We’re actually just looking for the Tower Girls. We heard they were staying with you.”

“Oh yes, they wuz here. They left, but they’ll be back. They always come back ta old Fensty!” and with that he began a cackling laughter that quickly degenerated into a nasty wet coughing fit.

“Ah, so they’re in now,” interjected Scratchy.

“They’re not!”

“They’re there!”

“They’re not!”

“They’re there!”

“They’re not!”

Theodore chose this time to interrupt the delightful conversation. “Well, if they’re not in there, do you know where they are now?”

“Oh, they’ve gone off somewhere, but they’ll definitely come back ta the Fenster!” More coughing.

“I see. Just curious, before they left, did any of them go missing, besides Natalya?”

“Natalya? She’s not missing. She’s over in the old boarding house.”

“WHAT????!!!!!!” shouted the party all at once.

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