Session Sixty-Four: GM Commentary

In retrospect, I should’ve removed Aulthunn from the adventure and rewritten that bottom level. Having her in there distracts narratively from the buildup towards the final battle with Xin, and also means I have to play this awful “Is she evil?” game with the party, when they know full well she is, particularly after having been informed by the aboleths outside that their mistress was in the palace. Alternatively, I could have just had her transform and attack during the previous fight with the clockwork leviathan, but at the time I was reasoning that she still thought there was a chance she could fool the party. Doing neither of those things just made for an encounter that I found time-consuming, dull, and irritating, hence the fact that this is by far the shortest post in the blog. Nevertheless, it’s done with now, and it’s time to head to the main event. Next time: into the teleporters!

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